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Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis:

Modeling Change and Event Occurrence

Errata In ALDA

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1 8 In the last full paragraph, third line, "withinindividual" should be hyphenated, to read "within-individual."
3 53 In Table 3.2, in the left column beneath the major heading, "Level-1 Model," there should  be a sub-title, "Fixed Effects"
4 94

In Table 4.1, first column, under Fixed Effects, the second sub-heading should read:

4 101 The wrong symbols are used in the first two terms to the right of the equals sign in Equation (4.10). It should read as follows:

4 114 The second full paragraph, third sentence, states that the estimated value of parameter gamma11 "remains at 0.695" when, in fact, we are referring to parameter gamma02.
4 121 Reference to AIC should be Akaike (1973), not (1974).
4 124

In the two statements of the general linear null hypothesis beneath the third equation, the symbol "0" should be bolded, as follows:

4 126 Immediately beneath the central equation, the results of the hypothesis test are reported incorrectly. The text to the end of the paragraph should be replaced with the following: "Conducting this test, we find that we can reject the null hypothesis at the usual level of statistical significance (chi-square=6.23, d.f.=1, p=.013). We conclude that these average true change trajectories do not converge by age-16. In other words, the alcohol consumption of children of non-alcoholic parents with low CPEER does not catch up to the alcohol consumption of children of non-alcoholic parents with high CPEER."
4 129 Entry in last row, second column, concerning the homoscedasticity of the estimated level-1 residuals should read "... suggests approximately equal variability at ages 14, 15, and 16."
4 135 The wrong symbols are used for the level-2 residuals in Equation (4.21), which should read:

5 176 In "Time-1 centering" in the second bulleted expression in the middle of the page, both places where variable UERATE appears with subscript "1," it should really have the the subscript "1i."
5 187

There is an error in the denominator of the second term to the right of the equals sign in Equation (5.13a), which should read:

6 196 Figure 6.2, lower right hand panel, label on the lowest solid segment of the curve prior to receipt of GED should read "Pre GED," not "Pr• GED."
6 199

In the second equation from the bottom of the page, the second line should read:

6 203 In Table 6.2, in the heading to column #3, the subscript on sigma-squared should be epsilon, not t.
6 230 Three lines from the bottom of the page, the text should read "in equations 6.8 and 6.9a."
7 246 In the estimation of the partial correlation between initial status and rate of change, the correlation coefficient should be -0.49, not 0.49. The actual computation of the coefficient is correct.
7 253

In Equation (7.13), the variance of the composite residual at time-j that is the subject of the equation should not have a "hat" over it, as it represents a population parameter, and not an estimate.

Then, beneath the next paragraph, where we substitute estimated values for the population variance components into the two pieces of Equation 7.13, the substitution into the first piece is correct, but perhaps would have been clearer if we had written it as -(-178.23/107.25) rather than as (-178.23/-107.25).

7 264 11 lines down from the top of the page, the text should read "adoption of a Toeplitz error structure."
8 276 The subscript on the eta construct in the last row of Equation (8.9) should be 2i, and not 3i, as currently stated.
9 320 Fourteen lines up from the bottom of the page, the text should read " You are most likely to encounter..."
10 338 Last sentence in the first full paragraph, after the hyphen, should read "half the teachers stay for less than 6.6 years, the other half stay longer."
15 594 There is a typo in the numerical value of the test statistic associated with the test for AGE, in the line immediately following the lower equation on the page for the Wald chi-square test statistic. This line should read: "Conducting this test for AGE, we obtain an observed test statistic of 1.23."
Notes 609 Footnote 3 of Chapter 8 should begin "Taking expectations in equation 8.14 and ..."

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