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The National Campus Diversity Project (NCDP), based at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education, is a research program to identify best practices to achieve an optimal multicultural climate on campuses of higher education.

Project Director Dean Whitla: "Several years ago, I left my bureaucratic responsibilities in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences as well as my teaching in assessment and evaluation. I decided to change the direction of my research in the Harvard Graduate School of Education from psychological assessment to diversity and prejudice." Read more...

Executive Summary: "Civilized men have gained notable mastery over energy, matter, and inanimate nature generally, and are rapidly learning to control physical suffering and premature death. But, by contrast, we appear to be living in the Stone Age so far as our handling of human relationships is concerned." Gordon Allport, 1954. Read more...

The Project: As the United States becomes more increasingly heterogeneous, the need for cohesive, systemic, multicultural programming in higher education has multiplied. Read more...


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