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Resources for Quantitative Data Analysis

I welcome you to my personal web-site at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education (HGSE). Here, I am collecting together resources that I hope you will find useful if you conduct, or consume the products of, quantitative data analyses (particularly longitudinal data analyses).

All the material that is local to the site was created by my collaborators and me (mainly Judy Singer and Dick Murnane, but others, too, including many current and former graduate students).

I have included links to selected books and papers (including downloadable pdf versions of the papers), information about quantitative methods courses offered at HGSE (with links to course websites) and at Harvard, and so forth.  I have also linked my site to interesting places on the World Wide Web that I have found useful in my work, over the years, particularly when searching for data, software and simulations to use in our teaching and research.

If you do incorporate any of this material into your own work, I hope that you will give appropriate scholarly credit to the original authors.

Contact me: John_Willett@Harvard.Edu

Page last updated: May 31, 2005


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