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Selected Books

Books that I have authored with colleagues can be purchased directly from the publishers by clicking on the book title below, or by connecting on-line to Amazon.Com. They include:


Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis: Modeling Change and Event Occurrence

Singer, J. D. & Willett, J. B.

New York, NY:  Oxford University Press, 2003

"ALDA" contains a thorough and detailed description of how to carry out individual growth modeling and survival analysis in order to address research questions about change over time and the occurrence of events, using longitudinal data. It is addressed to the empirical researcher, not the methodologist, with many examples of analyses using real data and a variety of different statistical software.

There are several websites associated with ALDA that you might find useful:



Who Will Teach?  Policies That Matter

Murnane, R. J., Singer, J. D., Willett, J. B., Kemple, J. J., & Olsen, R. J.

Cambridge, MA:  Harvard University Press, 1991

Contains a comprehensive analysis of the teacher career using discrete-time survival analysis to conduct extensive longitudinal data on many thousands of teachers. Extensive commentary on the teacher career, its duration in each subject specialty and the impact of background characteristics like gender.



By Design: Planning Better Research in Higher Education

Light, R. J., Singer, J. D. & Willett, J. B.

Cambridge, MA:  Harvard University Press, 1990

A non-technical introduction to the major issues in research design for the empirical researcher. Chapters include discussions of: coming up with a research question, choosing a population for study, selecting a sample from the population, choosing the outcomes and the predictors, determining a sensible sample size, conducting a pilot study, and so on. The empirical examples used in the book are drawn from the US higher education because the book had its genesis in the original Harvard Assessment Seminar, but the material is broader in application than higher education.

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