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Downloadable Versions of Scholarly Papers

  • Survival Analysis: Methods for analyzing longitudinal data that ask "Whether?" and "When?" In the papers, we provide explanations, examples, and extensions of the survival analysis method, and we focus particularly on discrete-time survival analysis.

  • General Statistical Issues: Papers and commentaries on topics of general statistical concern.

  • Latent Growth Modeling: Methods for analyzing longitudinal data that capitalize on the mapping of the multilevel model for change onto the general covariance structure model.

  • Measuring Change and Modeling Individual Growth: Papers that discuss traditional controversies in the two-wave measurement of change and the benefits of modeling individual growth trajectories in the analysis of multi-wave data.

  • Research Design: Implications of individual growth modeling and survival analysis for the design of longitudinal quantitative research.

  • Substantive Papers: Papers that report the results of empirical research, conducted collaboratively with colleagues and often employing specific methodological innovations that have been described in the technical papers listed on other webpages on the site.

  • Teaching Applied Statistics: Papers commenting on the teaching of applied statistics, particularly with reference to the use of real data and the cognitive apprenticeship mode of teaching.

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