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Selected Papers on Research Design

The following papers, presented in reverse chronological order, can be downloaded as pdf files by clicking on their titles. You can also access the associated journal site by clicking on the journal name.

Willett, J. B., Singer, J. D., and Martin, N. C.  (1998).  The Design and Analysis of Longitudinal Studies of Development and Psychopathology in Context: Statistical Models and Methodological Recommendations.  Development and Psychopathology, 10(2), 395-426.

Presents a brief overview of modern methods of analyzing longitudinal data -- individual growth modeling and survival analysis -- and the offers alternative versions of the recommendations of the Singer & Willett (1996) paper tailored to the study of development and psychopathology.

Singer, J. D., and Willett, J. B.  (1996).  Methodological Issues In the Design of Longitudinal Research: Principles and Recommendations for a Quantitative Study of Teachers’ Careers.  Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 18, 265-283.

Discusses important issues arising in the design of longitudinal studies of the teacher career, making recommendations about the types of research question that can be addressed, the frequency and spacing of the waves of data collection, the duration of the research,...

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