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Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis:

Modeling Change and Event Occurrence

by Judith D. Singer & John B. Willett  

New York: Oxford University Press, March, 2003

Visit our publisher online at www.oup.com/us/singerwillettbook in order to purchase ALDA at a 20% discount.

We welcome you to the webpage that we have created to support our recent book, Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis (ALDA).

We intend ALDA to be a professional book for empirical researchers and graduate students in the behavioral, social, and biomedical sciences. It offers an accessible in-depth presentation of two popular statistical methods for analyzing longitudinal data: multilevel modeling of individual change and hazard/survival modeling for event occurrence in both discrete- and continuous-time.

In ALDA, using real data from published studies, we take you step-by-step through complete longitudinal data-analyses, from exploratory strategies for displaying your data sensibly to the specification, fitting, and interpretation of complex statistical models.

If you want to learn more about ALDA, here are some of the things that you can do at this website:

  • You can examine ALDA's contents pages.
  • You can read comments about ALDA by three colleagues.
  • You can see a list of courses that currently use ALDA (note that we cannot guarantee that this list is up-to-date, as we receive news of new courses that have adopted the book all the time).
  • You can check out the talks or workshops at which we have presented material from ALDA.
  • You can follow web-links to our other books and scholarly papers.

Here, at the site, we also provide a variety of free supporting materials for ALDA, including:

  • The datasets, computer programs, and output that form the basis of ALDA's exhibits. These examples are programmed in all the major statistical packages. We thank thank Michael Mitchell, and all the hard-working folk at the UCLA Academic Technology Services, for creating and supporting these materials. We strongly recommend that you visit the UCLA ATS site, not only to examine materials related to ALDA, but also to take advantage of everything that is provided at the site for the teaching of applied statistics.
  • Selected PowerPoint presentations of material that we have devised of selected ALDA chapters (with accompanying handouts).
  • Links to digitized video-recordings of selected professional presentations that we have made of material from ALDA.
  • A (growing) list of errata that our readers have found in ALDA. For these errors, we take full responsibility and we apologize to you in advance!

Contact us at: Judith_Singer@Harvard.Edu or John_Willett@Harvard.Edu

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